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The Maritime Sector

What is it?

The maritime sector is a key contributor to the UK economy . The global shipping, maritime leisure and ports industries are of truly world-scale significance - and the UK is a major player in the supply of capital, hardware and skilled employees into both UK and overseas companies operating in this sector. Measured in terms of the balance of payments contribution to the UK alone, the sector's benefit exceeds that of aerospace.

Some key statistics:

  • A turnover exceeding £8.6bn
  • Adds value to the UK economy by handling 95% of UK trade by weight
    and 90 % by value
  • Undertakes 51 million passenger journeys annually
  • Employs 196,400 people in 6,700 enterprises

What does it do?

It includes industries where the principal business activities cover the control management and operation of harbours, ports and vessels associated with:

  • Transport by sea, river and non tidal waters of passengers,
    freight and petrochemicals in bulk;
  • Leisure cruising;
  • Loading and unloading cargo and passengers from ships;
  • Catching fish and shellfish;
  • Commercial marine leisure activities;
  • Supporting offshore exploration and production,
    surveying and other sub-sea activities;
  • Water based search and rescue activities .

The extensive range of jobs and career opportunities that are available within the maritime sector can be found on the career pathways page