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Career Pathways

The work of the MSA is designed to support career development, both for individuals and for their employers. In many cases one MSQ (Maritime Studies Qualification) leads neatly on to another at the next level. Most are designed with shared Units so that if someone has learnt, for example, basic navigation skills in one context they will not need to go over that ground again if they move to another part of the maritime sector (though, of course, the practical application of that core knowledge will be different).

The MSA is promoting the concept of "No Wrong Door": No matter which door someone tries when they first seek information about careers in the maritime sector, they leave with a positive impression about us, and at least one step closer to getting the information they seek. Will you join us?

The careers pages on the Maritime UK website offer a good introduction to the range of careers available across the maritime sector, with links in each case so you can find out more.

Seafarers UK has an interesting range of profiles of people working in the maritime sector.

Please note however that we are not a recruitment agency: we cannot help you to find a job.

You can find more information on these websites

Ambassador programmes

The leading ambassador programme in the sector is run by Careers At Sea, focusing in particular on commercial shipping (the Merchant Navy). Click on the link to find out more about requesting a visit - and about volunteering.

The 1851 Trust - the charitable arm of INEOS Team UK, which aims to win the Americas Cup, the world's premier sailing prize - promotes careers in STEM-related subjects to girls, through its Maritime Roadshow for Girls. Find out more here about volunteer ambassador roles.


IMarEST, the professional body for marine engineers, has a wide range of information and resources on its Sea Your Future web pages.

For the naval engineering sector - ie the many companies which build and support Royal Navy ships - see the Career Map and supporting information on the UKNEST site.

Seagoing Training

The world is your oyster - careers video covering a wide range of careers associated with fish, at sea and ashore

Inland Waterways

Careers on the Thames

Passenger boats on the river Thames: eg KPMG Thames Clippers

"Rewarding, varied and fun" - Port of London Authority apprentices present their apprenticeship.

Merchant Navy / Commercial Shipping
Careers at Sea

Merchant Navy Training Board

Maritime Educational Foundation

Marine Leisure

Careers in the Marine Industry - careers video

Joint British Marine / RYA careers video (covering more than the leisure sector)

Marine Science / Oceanology

There's a wealth of information on the Society of Underwater Technology's Oceans of Opportunity web pages.

And a three-day careers fair featuring the ocean technology and marine science sectors at the Ocean Business conference in Southampton, 9-11 April 2019.

Offshore Energy

Careers in the Offshore Wind sector - featuring the Triton Knoll wind farm

Tees Valley Careers has a video on the Oil and Gas and Subsea sector

Ports and Harbours

Links to careers pages of the UK's major ports

Apprenticeships with Associated British Ports (YouTube)

Careers with the Port of London Authority (YouTube)

Professional and post-experience opportunities

Boatmaster progression routes to STCW Officer Of the Watch

Harbour Masters

Hydrography - scroll down to 'Cartographic training'

Jack-Up Barge Master

Naval Architecture


RNLI: paid jobs, apprenticeships, and volunteering opportunities

Round the UK: help and support round the country

Cornwall Marine Academy

Royal Navy

Royal Navy careers

Royal Feet Auxiliary - the civilian support to the Royal Navy

Statutory requirements for Seafarers and Certification arrangements


Superyacht UK careers pages

Superyacht cadetship through UKSA

We regret that we are unable to provide either career advice to individuals, or speakers for schools. For the latter, we recommend you to follow the links in the Careers At Sea website.