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Career Pathways

The work of the MSA is designed to support career development, both for individuals and for their employers. In many cases one MSQ (Maritime Studies Qualification) leads neatly on to another at the next level. Most are designed with shared Units so that if someone has learnt, for example, basic navigation skills in one context they will not need to go over that ground again if they move to another part of the maritime sector (though, of course, the practical application of that core knowledge will be different).

Please note however that the MSA is not in a position to respond to individual requests for careers information, and we are not a recruitment agency: we cannot help you to find a job.

The careers pages on the Maritime UK website offer a good introduction to the range of careers available across the maritime sector, with links in each case so you can find out more.

And do have a look at this excellent short introductory video produced by Careers at Sea.

The careers pages below show some of the opportunities available in the sector.

Commercial Sea Fishing
Marine Leisure
Maritime Search and Rescue
Merchant Navy
Ports and Harbours

You can find more information on these websites

How to become a fisherman

The world is your oyster - careers video

Harbour Masters
Harbour Master Certificate (endorsed by the MCA, and administered jointly by UK Harbour Masters' Association and Port Skills & Safety)

Merchant Navy
Careers at Sea Merchant Navy Training BoardMaritime Educational Foundation

Marine Leisure

Careers in the Marine Industry - careers video

Ports and Harbours

Apprenticeships with Associated British Ports (YouTube)

Careers with the Port of London Authority (YouTube)

Royal Navy

Statutory requirements for Seafarers and Certification arrangements

Boatmaster progression routes.
For an example of career routes on passenger boats on the river Thames, see how
KPMG Thames Clippers describes the possibilities.

This chart shows the progression routes for Boatmasters to STCW Officer Of the Watch.

Boatmaster progression routes.pdf

We regret that we are unable to provide either career advice to individuals, or speakers for schools. For the latter, we recommend you to follow the links in the Careers At Sea website.